All New Honda BeAT Gets Abundant New Technologies

10th October, 2020

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10th October 2020 – Boon Siew Honda presents all new Honda Beat. New eSP (enhanced Smart Power) engine with increased fuel efficiency while producing optimum performance and Euro 4 compliance.
New eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame) that is more agile, stable and comfortable to maneuver.
New LED headlight design. New appearance and graphic design. Other design changes such as new taillight, signal light, speedometer and rims. Functional features include a new seat opener, parking brake lock, larger fuel tank and U-box.

Today, the new Honda BeAT is revealed, featuring various new features, in Boon Siew Honda’s continuous quest to satisfy customers’ satisfaction and market demands, particularly catering for the trendy lifestyle of youths with its latest scooters range.

The new Honda BeAT is powered by a new eSP engine with a PGM-FI injection combustion system. This latest engine technology is capable of producing 6.47 kW @ 7,500 rpm of power and delivering a maximum torque of 9.53 Nm @ 5500 rpm. This latest eSP engine is also Euro 4 compliance and meets EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicle) standards with improved fuel consumption of 59.1 km/liter (WMTC test mode) while providing an optimum riding performance.

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Improved riding comfort is achieved thanks to the new framework with the latest innovative technology of eSAF that is agile and easy to control. The use of the eSAF provides greater space utilization. As a result, the fuel tank & U-box under the seat is now larger, from the previous 4.0ℓ to 4.2ℓ for fewer refueling stops and storage capacity of 11.7 ℓ which is an increase of 0.5 ℓ from its predecessor. Kerb weight of Honda BeAT is also reduced by 4kg to 90kg.

The new Honda BeAT now features new LED headlights, speedometer design, redesigned side mirrors, rims, and seat opener. Rear lightings have also been improved with a new taillight and signal light.

Boon Siew Honda continues its efforts in placing safety on the road as first priority, the new Honda BeAT continues to employ the CBS (Combi Brake System), a proprietary braking system that allows shorter braking distance, translating into more control by riders over their vehicle.

The new Honda BeAT also has a parking brake lock, which keeps brakes locked for safe starting or parking. In addition, the Side Stand Switch would automatically stop the engine for safety when the side stand is lowered.

The trendy scooter comes in four lifestyle colors including Vivacity Red, Force Silver Metallic, Pearl Nightfall Blue and Space Magenta Metallic.

Honda BeAT

Vivacity RedForce Silver Metalic
Space Magenta MetalicPearl Night Fall Blue

The available colour options and prices are:

All color optionsRM 5,555

Prices shown are recommended showroom price excluding of road tax, insurance, and registration. Boon Siew Honda offers two years or 20,000km manufacturing warranty (whichever comes first).


Honda BeAT