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Honda NSS300 Recall Campaign

Honda Safety Measure Recall Campaign For Honda NSS300D/NSS300AD

Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. is announcing a Product Preventive and Safety Measure Recall Campaign for all Honda NSS300D/NSS300AD models to undertake preventive and safety measures. This Product Preventive and Safety Measure Recall Campaign will cover all the Honda NSS300D/NSS300AD models purchased from Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. and/or its authorised dealers under the affected VIN Range as below:

ModelVIN RangeAffected Unit
NSS300D/ADMLHNF049*D5000001 ~ MLHNF049*D500006464

This Recall is due to the swelling of fuel pump which may lead to possible stalling of engine or inability to start/re-start the engine. This swelling causes the obstruction of fuel flow in the clearance space between the fuel pump inlet cover and impeller resulting in reduced fuel flow or in some cases, a total obstruction of fuel flow.

Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. ensures that every aforementioned Honda Model undergoing this campaign will be thoroughly checked and the affected part will be replaced in order to guarantee the safety of the rider and the optimum performance of the motorcycle.

Frequent Asked Questions


This campaign is effective from 1st October 2016.

Honda NSS300D / NSS300AD model which manufactured between year 2013 and 2015. 

The swelling of the fuel pump inlet cover resin depriving the clearance space, causes the  obstruction of fuel flows into the clearance space.

Engine stalls while riding and unable to restart.

It is a recall whereby customers’ safety might be at stake if this issue is not addressed  immediately. If the defect occurs and the engine stalls while in motion, this poses an accident  hazard to the rider and other road users.

Replace the affected Fuel Pump with new countermeasure unit.

Imported from International supplier. 

It takes 1 hour to replace the Fuel Pump (The duration may vary based on each Dealer  mechanic’s availability). 

No cost needed for the replacement of affected Fuel Pump.

The 1st hand owner will received Customer Notification Letter from Boon Siew Honda Sdn.  Bhd. For 2nd hand owner onwards, please contact our Toll Free Line at 1-800-88-3993 for more  information.

Please contact our Authorised Dealer at https://hondabigbike.com.my/dealer to make an  appointment for inspection & part replacement.

More Information

Toll Free Customer Careline 1-800-88-3993
Email Enquiry enquiry@bswhonda.com.my
Operation Hours Mondays to Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. & 1:35 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. & 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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