Honda Safety Measure Recall Campaign

Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. is announcing a Product Preventive and Safety Measure Recall Campaign for all Honda CB500/CBR500R Models to undertake preventive and safety measures. This Product Preventive and Safety Measure Recall Campaign will cover all the Honda CB500F / CBR500R Models purchased from Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. and/or its authorised dealers under the affected VIN Range as below:


ModelTypeVIN RangeAffected Unit
Honda CB500FCB500FADMLHPC45B*D5002583 ~ MLHPC45B*D5005759349
CB500FDMLHPC45A*D5000416 ~ MLHPC45A*D5000577
CB500FAEMLHPC459*E5100001 ~ MLHPC459*E5100175
CB500FEMLHPC459*E5100004 ~ MLHPC459*E5100210
MLHPC45A*E5100075 ~ MLHPC45A*E5100158
Honda CBR500RCB500FADMLHPC44B*D5002673 ~ MLHPC44B*D5003761583
CBR500RDMLHPC44A*D5000001 ~ MLHPC44A*D5000166
CBR500RAEMLHPC449*E5100064 ~ MLHPC449*E5100213
MLHPC44B*E5100287 ~ MLHPC44B*E5100370
CBR500REMLHPC44A*E5100033 ~ MLHPC44A*E5100157
MLHPC449*E5100001 ~ MLHPC449*E5100311
CBR500RFMLHPC449*F5200026 ~ MLHPC449*F5200057



This Recall is in respect of the Fuel Level Gauge (Float Arm) which may lead to possible reading error in the fuel gauge meter, abnormal noise inside the tank or inability to start the engine. The reason as we have ascertained is due to the Fuel Level Gauge (Float Arm) holder which expands with the ambient temperature during hot weather and this reduces the holding point strength of the float arm. During rapid acceleration and deceleration of the motorcycle, the slushing movement of petrol in the tank may cause the float arm to detach from its holder. Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. ensures that every aforementioned Honda Model undergoing this campaign will be thoroughly checked and the affected part will be replaced in order to guarantee the safety of the rider and the optimum performance of the motorcycle.


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